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Interested in introducing Retinol into your skincare regime?
Here are some tips:

Integrate Retinol Slowly and Gently Condition the skin to the effects of retinol contained within the DAILY CARE ADVANCED RETINOL SERUM and INTENSE REPAIR EYE ELIXIR.
We recommend starting off with a pea-sized amount of a low percentage retinol, like our range, that only contains 0.5% retinol.  

Start by applying it once or twice in the 1st week.
Two to three times in the 2nd week
Three to four times in the 3rd week
If no irritation is experienced after the 3rd week, apply the serums daily in the 4th week. 

Use retinol only at Night and Wear SPF Every Day 
 Your skin will be especially sensitive to sunlight, so it's important to protect it.
While certain side effects, such as mild irritation, dryness, and sun sensitivity are normal as your skin adjusts to the active ingredient, intense flaking, redness, and burning are not—and those with especially sensitive skin, or who struggle with conditions like rosacea or eczema, should be wary of retinol or shy away from it altogether.
When applying a retinol-infused elixir, don't neglect your neck or décolletage, which are areas notorious for showing the signs of aging. 

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