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 Proudly South-African,
Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen


dermaV Pharmaceuticals is a medical aesthetics company, established in 2006, which specialises in research and development of clinically advanced pharmaceuticals and cosmeceutical products. We offer an innovative and scientific approach to skin rejuvenation, and skin firming. This approach combines cutting-edge technology and carefully selected ingredients.

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miraDry is the only FDA-cleared treatment that can dramatically reduce underarm sweat in as little as one appointment. miraDry is a medical device and treatment needs to be performed by a physician or under physician’s supervision. Before treatment is started local anaesthetic is injected into the area. The procedure lasts about an hour and after 1-2 session the patient’s sweat glands are permanently destroyed, therefore no more sweating, odour or underarm hair.

No sweat, no odour, No hair

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"I don’t necessarily have problematic skin, but could never find products that actually make a noticeable difference that don’t break the bank. Enter dermaV! All the products I’ve tried really perform well and being able to shop for such high quality products online is a bonus. The customer service is incredibly personalised and you receive all info on what products will suit your skin type and how to use them. I also have to mention how beautiful the packaging is! I highly recommend the Daily Care Range’s Retinol serum and the Diamond moisture lock…totally in love!"

Angie van der Berg

Cape Town

"Struggling with post partum pigmentation I was sceptical to try local products that are not on every shelf at the grocery store (insert any big pharma brand here). But now that I have that is exactly what I love about it... It's local, it's niche and it works!"

Salomien Esterhuizen

Linden - JHB

"As a teenager I was spared hormonal pimples,  but at the age of 40 my problems started. By 50 I had adult acne, with red inflamed blotches on both cheeks. I recently started using dermaV's Acne Serum, and not only is the inflammation on my cheeks gone, the acne is 100% better. The bonus is the amazing, soft texture my skin now have. I just love the dermaV products!"

Hannelie Pretorius

"I have been using dermaV Pharmaceutical d•cellulite Lotion for about three years. The orange peel is less on my thighs and my skin appears firmer. I have also used the d•toxx Exfoliator scrub and mask for about 2 years and noticed the difference to my skin when I am not using it.

I recently started using the DAILY CARE RANGE Glycolic Acid Cleanser, as well as serums and moisture lock. My skin appears more radiant and firm. I also noticed less blemishes."

Coretha Schoeman


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