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PRP preparation for celluVance™ PRP aesthetic injectable

Blood is drawn and spin in centrifuge 

After spinning or centrifugation. The blood separates into the different components. The PRP is further prepared with the blue and white vial and the final product injected from the white vial.

The celluVance Topical platelet-rich plasma (PRP) kit is

clinically designed to enhance topical wound healing for

burns, skin abrasions and post aesthetic treatments such

as microneedling, microdermabrasion, laser therapy and

chemical peels. PRP enhances the recruitment, proliferation

and differentiation of cells involved in tissue regeneration

as it acts as a delivery system for the variety of growth

factors and cytokines contained within the alpha-granules

of the platelets. celluVance Topical delivers a cooling PRP

gel, which when applied topically to the desired area

soothes and heals irritated or damaged skin.

Each kit provides 4 treatments. Physicians can keep the remaining treatments frozen and patients return weekly to receive follow up treatments for up to the next 3 weeks. Physicians can also prepare the celluVance topical PRP gel for patients to use at home as a personalised growth factor serum as part of their overall skincare regime.

PRP preparation for celluVance™ Topical PRP

Celluvance topical PRP is prepared by drawing blood in the tube below. The blood is spun down or centrifuges to separate it into the different components.

The buffy coat (white cloudy area) rich in white blood cells and platelets are collected and placed into the white vial to further prepare the PRP.

From the white vial (Factorstart) the PRP is combined with the specialized dermagel into 2 syringes, ready for topical use.

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